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Sweet potatoes, you are cleared for landing The flight into Gaping Baby Maw doesn’t get any easier, even for experienced pilots. As any of the regulars on that route will tell you, the problem is trying to land while the runway is moving. It’s a small plane, but they aren’t designed to maneuver like that! Sometimes, Gaping Baby Maw doesn’t live up to its name and you’re suddenly crash landing a load of pureed vegetation into Round Chin or one of the twin Squeezable Cheeks. That’s embarrassing. Good thing you were never licensed to fly, or the FAA would be revoking your license. As it stands, you’re cleaning up one nasty crash after another and looking forward to the day you can hand the plane down to your geekling and let them do their own feeding flights. ENTER ALT TEXT The Illuminated JetBib from ThinkGeek Labs will revolutionize the lives of pilots trying to make that ever-elusive landing. Let’s talk about the upgrades to your plane first. After all, that’s what you’ll be flying several times a day in an attempt to deliver nutrition to its destination. Gone are the days of the boring silver plane. Enter the Jetliner OmNomNom with its sleek yellow and blue body, ready to transport your delicious deliveries from the land of Gerber. Flashing red lights on the tips of your wings will ensure that the control tower at Gaping Baby Maw sees you coming (although they’re not known for compliance there, so don’t get your hopes up!). As the ground beneath the Maw shakes, rattles and rolls, the lights on runway 42 illuminate, bright as day, guiding you in for a safe landing. So fly on, brave Parental Pilot, and let the red LEDs of runway 42 guide your way. * Bib and plane washable with a damp cloth * Button cell batteries required are included * Batteries are replaceable in plane but not replaceable in bib * Bib measurements – 11.75 long and 7.5 inches across * Meets ASTM & CPSC regulations

  • For ages 12 months and older
  • Keeps baby’s attention and makes mealtime more fun
  • LED lights in bib are motion activated, causing sides of runway to illuminate
  • Lighted LED jet plane has on/off switch and three spoon attachments
  • Spoon attachments are dishwasher safe



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